Month: April 2016

What To Look for in an Employer

While it is not often spoken about explicitly, it is well known that every dental professional looking to hire or be hired has a secret list written down in their mind. For the employer, they know what the desired characteristics the best employee for the job will have. You come to a consensus with the others responsible for making this decision and bring on the person best suited for the position because let’s face it: an employee is an investment. You are spending your hard-earned money on an employee you think can not only execute the particular tasks required but one that can also be a contributor to the growth of the office.

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The Front Office Interview

When you work the Front Desk at a Dental Office, you’ll need to know how to put patients at ease.

Interviews can wreak havoc on your nerves, but knowing what you should say to the interviewer beforehand can help boost your confidence. When you’re interviewing for a dental receptionist position, keep your answers focused on how your skill set can fit the office’s needs because combined with a cheery personality, this can help you land the job. Dental offices typically want a receptionist who can greet clients, answer questions and keep the office organized so stress your skills in these areas.

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Oral Cancer Awareness Month

With April being Oral Cancer Awareness Month it is important to make practitioners and the general public aware of the risks and the signs and symptoms of Oral Cancer. The Southeastern United States is where oral cancers are diagnosed more than any other part of the country, likely due to increased use of cigarettes and chewing tobacco. It is our duty as practitioners to counsel our patients, even if they don’t want to hear it because they “already know”, because we are responsible for the health of their oral cavity which in turn affect their overall health

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5 Tips To Write a Winning Dental Resume

We go all through childhood with all sorts of ideas as to what we want to do for a living. Most say as a child they want to be a doctor or lawyer or something along those lines but let’s be realistic. By the time we reach high school we have already determined a lot of our interests and Medical School or Law School are not in our future.

So you made the decision to become a Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, or work in the administrative part of a dental office. Each profession represent a noble, rewarding career. After the necessary prerequisite training you are eager and ready to work, but how do you put together a resume that will stand out from the rest? How do you compete with those who have more experience than you and get the job?

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Keeping a Clean Online Presence

Let’s start by putting all of our cards out on the table: we ALL have had one of those nights that we would rather forget. And while we won’t go into details about the thousands of possibilities of what that could mean- what it boils down to is that in this day and age of Social Media, one of those nights can ruin your career.

Simply turn on the news for five minutes and it seems like every day that some politician or teacher or another sort of professional is losing their job, or if facing other ramifications, because they acted out of line and it was captured and shared instantly.

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