5 Tips To Write a Winning Dental Resume

We go all through childhood with all sorts of ideas as to what we want to do for a living. Most say as a child they want to be a doctor or lawyer or something along those lines but let’s be realistic. By the time we reach high school we have already determined a lot of our interests and Medical School or Law School are not in our future.

So you made the decision to become a Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, or work in the administrative part of a dental office. Each profession represent a noble, rewarding career. After the necessary prerequisite training you are eager and ready to work, but how do you put together a resume that will stand out from the rest? How do you compete with those who have more experience than you and get the job?

Here we will outline a few key points you will want to make sure are highlighted in your resume so that you are not passed over. You don’t need to have the most experience and you don’t have to be the best the industry has ever seen – you just have to produce a resume that is attractive and appealing enough to encourage a potential employer to call you in for an interview.

So here are some tips to help you write a winning dental resume!

You’re qualified– You have learned the qualifications necessary for your career. Lead your resume with a summary of your qualifications. Showcase your talents and what you have to offer the company and the position.

Area of expertise- It’s important to make a bulleted list of keywords in your area of expertise. When sesames are glanced at something other than paragraphs such as highlights organized with bullets are eye-catching. Listing these areas of expertise with keywords will prevent your resume from ending up in the rejected pile.

Functional resume- Your resume format is also important to consider. I would recommend using a functional resume for a position in a dental office. You can focus more on your skills and what you know and less focus will be given to your work experience.

Focus on achievements- If you were a great student and your GPA speaks for itself, it would be prudent to showcase the fruits of your labor. You want to stand out from the rest of the applicants, so include any awards or honors received. Additionally, you will want to list any licenses obtained if applicable, when they were obtained and it what state..

Facility type– Painting a picture of your facility experience will explain to the potential employee what your experience looks like. Did you work short-term or long-term? Did you work in a single-doctor facility or in a group practice? Was it a private practice or one driven by DMO’s or Medicaid? This will provide insight into your capabilities.

Professional experience– Maybe you just have experience from school and haven’t actually worked a full-time position. That’s okay! We all have to start somewhere. You will want to Include all experience related to the dental field in this section, internships, part-time dental assistantships, any research projects and anything else that may apply. This experience doesn’t need to be paid, however it simply needs to be relevant to dentistry.

Following these tips will help guide you to the creation of an effective resume. Remember to proofread! You may have added all of the necessary information, but if you have any spelling or grammar issues that could eliminate your chances for the position.

If you have any difficulty preparing your resume, once you register as an Employee on DentalGrind.com and fill out your profile there are links to our resume-building partners that will help you put together a great resume, often at no cost.

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    Writing a resume is a complicated and important assignment. However, many applicants fail to craft a well-structured resume due to unawareness. Thus, it is valuable to get familiar with the whole process, starting from the very beginning!!

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