Do’s and Dont’s at Your Next Job Interview

Are you preparing for your next interview? Interviews are important parts of our lives. So, as a dental industry professional if you are searching for your first job or your next job then you need to understand few things to ensure that you land your dream job as early as possible. Here are some of the points that you need to remember during your interview.

What TO do during your interview:

  • Develop confidence: Yes! Confidence is the most important aspect of your entire personality which will affect your selection for the job. Every day put some efforts in to building confidence. Before you enter for your interview, just make sure that you think of all your accomplishments to date. Then you will find yourself entering the interview place with peace and confidence.
  • Don’t overthink it: Nervousness is a common friend of interviews but it doesn’t help you achieve anything if you just focus on “what if’s” and stay nervous. Don’t keep thinking that what may be asked in the interview. Instead, put on your headphones and listen to your favorite music! Research shows that bright individuals perform much better on exams and interviews when they “decompress” by listening to music. This occurs because it decreases stress and allows you to focus on what is required.
  • Have realistic expectations: Regardless of the field, whenever someone applies for a job they aim for a particular salary. For some, it’s a fixed amount, and for others it’s just a range of which they will be just happy. So choose yours and stay in peace. When the interviewer asks your expectations of the job, be honest. If required you can negotiate depending on which direction your interview is heading and let your interviewer know it. It’s always best to be open and honest.
  • Show how you can benefit your employer: You need to prove you will be an asset for the office you are interviewing for. Just make sure you mention some points that highlight your qualifications that will set you above the other candidates being considered.


What NOT to do during your interview:

  • Don’t just mention your strengths: Most of the candidates who appear for an interview have a habit of explaining lists of their strengths to the interviewer. We all have weaknesses and its best to accept your flaws and directly mention 1 or 2 of them to the interviewer along with your strengths. This will make you have a good impact on the interviewer and seem more genuine.
  • Don’t look unprofessional: When you go for your interview make sure you look professional. If you have a habit of wearing casuals for your interview because you have a lot of experience and degrees it will work against you. First impressions mean a lot and if you do not make a good one it won’t matter how qualified you are. Look and sound professional during your interview.
  • Avoid talking extremely negative or positive: You are not expected to be highly optimistic or highly pessimistic during your interview. Just make sure you are firm and confident at a practical level. Don’t let the pressure of the interview influence your personality. Be yourself.
  • Don’t misbehave if asked to wait for the interview: This is quite important. Most of candidates tend to lose patience in nervousness while waiting for the interview. If you are asked to wait, just be calm. Don’t misbehave or show impatience around the staff while waiting. Otherwise, you will create a bad impression even before starting with the interview.

These are some of the points which you need to remember before or during your interview. So stay strong and positive. Good Luck!

This blog post was contributed by Dr. Nabankita R. Chowdhury, a Dentist, Blogger & Content Writer specializing in Healthcare, Career and Finance niches. You can reach her by email at or

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