Frequently Asked Questions

What is

DentalGrind is the most comprehensive website available to bring together employees looking for a great job and employers looking for the best employee. We recognized over the years there are many features of existing job sites that are less than intuitive and are difficult to use.

DentalGrind was developed by a dentist and a host of Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Office Managers and Front Desk employees to identify and correct the insufficiencies we have personally experienced with the other sites.

How Do I Become a Registered Member of DentalGrind?

As you navigate the site you will find many areas that ask you to become a registered user of DentalGrind. Make sure to register either as an employee or employer so you will be directed to the appropriate part of the site.

How Does DentalGrind Work for a Job Seeker?

Job seekers are able to obtain leads for jobs two ways. After becoming a registered user, you can browse through the many ads posted in your area for the position you are looking for using filters including the radius from your home, your desired salary, full time or part time status, etc. Alternatively, you can post your resume for public view by Dental Offices searching for qualified staff.

How Does DentalGrind Work for an Employer?

As an employer there are multiple ways to find the perfect employee for an open position in your office. You can post an Ad that will be viewed by hundreds of prospective employees in your area. Be specific with what you are looking for to limit the number of nonqualified persons who apply for the position. You can also browse through the numerous resumes posted by qualified employees as well.

How do I Upload My Resume to DentalGrind?

It is necessary for you to include a resume with your profile on DentalGrind so that employers will have a good idea of your aspirations, experience and expectations. This is what will get your foot in the door more than anything so make sure to sell yourself. Offices like to see a picture of the applicant and unique features that set you apart from other potential employees.

Once you fill out your Profile you will see there are three ways to add your resume:

  • Browse your hard drive and upload the file directly to your Profile. Once it becomes a part of your Profile, you can use it over and over again for each job you apply for.
  • Open a window where you can view the file containing your resume then drag and drop on to the indicated area on your Profile page.
  • If you don’t already have a customized resume and want a simple process to walk you through the steps of constructing one, click on the links to be directed to one of our resume building partners.

How Can I Keep Track of the Employers I Sent my Resume to?

The Employee Dashboard is the place to go to view and edit jobs you have “favorited” to view at a later time, jobs that DentalGrind recommends for you based on your preferences, and to keep track of your applications. You can also access your DentalGrind mailbox from here or any page on DentalGrind once logged in.

How Can I Keep Track of my Posted Ads or Candidates that have Responded to an Ad?

The Employer Dashboard is the place to go to view a history of all jobs you have posted on DentalGrind, view a list of candidates who have responded to a particular job posting, and to view messages from potential candidates. Prior job postings are kept in a log on your Dashboard so you can reuse the same ad or edit it for future use.

I am Concerned my Current Employer will see I am Looking for Another Job.

DentalGrind was designed by people in the dental industry, for people in the dental industry. Because of this, we are well aware you may compromise your current job if you post your resume and it is seen by others. To prevent any problems, we developed the ability to use a “handle” with anonymous contact information so people won’t know it’s you who posted your resume.

I am Interested in Replacing an Existing Employee and don’t Want Them to Know.

Just as a potential employee can compromise their position by openly posting their resume, as an employer you do not want to create issues within the office if word gets out you are looking to replace someone. Employers have the ability to create a “handle” with anonymous contact information so those looking at an ad will not know the associated office unless you choose to disclose it.

How Do I Manage How Often I Receive Emails From DentalGrind?

On the Employee Account page you can edit your preferences including Privacy Settings and Email Preferences. You can choose to never receive email notifications, get an immediate email when a job matching your profile is posted by a potential employer, or receive emails daily or weekly.

What if I Find it Tedious or I Don’t Have Time to Continually Search for a Job?

DentalGrind is committed to match employers and employees so we developed a notification system that is absolutely unique to our site. As an employee or employer, once you set up your Profile and Preferences you will be AUTOMATICALLY NOTIFIED when a job is posted that matches the criteria you set for your job search or when a resume is posted that matches your criteria for a job opening.

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