How The Grind Works For Employers

Many dental offices are unsuccessful in their efforts to find qualified candidates in sufficient numbers and fall short of retaining great staff to have a positive impact on the success of their practice. Hiring the right staff is probably one of the biggest challenges facing most offices.

However, you can be proactive in searching the market for staff members by using the great services Dental Grind has to offer. You can either post an ad detailing exactly what you are looking for to fill an open position in your office, or search the many resumes uploaded by our members.

You will find Dental Grind to be the most simple to use and cost effective means to locate qualified employees in your area who are looking for a position. Thousands of registered users are active on the site and new resumes are added every day. It is absolutely free to register and create a profile.

Finding qualified staff can be more difficult that performing Dentistry. I found several Assistants and eventually hired the best I've ever had. Thanks DentalGrind!
  • Does it Cost Me Anything to Register or Use the Many Services DentalGrind Has to Offer?

    Registration and use of Dental Grind is completely free for staff members. Use absolutely every function with no cost whatsoever. Employers register and establish their profiles for free as well, and there is a nominal fee to place a classified ad or review the resumes and profiles or our job seekers. Click here for a description of the fees.

  • How Does DentalGrind Work for an Employer?

    As an employer there are multiple ways to find the perfect employee for an open position in your office. You can post an Ad that will be viewed by hundreds of prospective employees in your area. Be specific with what you are looking for to limit the number of nonqualified persons who apply for the position. You can also browse through the numerous resumes posted by qualified employees as well.

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“Dental Grind is the best job site I've ever used. I found a great job in just a couple of days!”

− Sharon Torzenson

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  • Describe in detail the staff member you are looking for
  • Once someone expresses interest review their bio and resume
  • Make contact with the applicants you are interested in

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  • Thousands of resumes are available in your area for you to review
  • Reach out to potential staff you are interested in
  • Filter your search to find staff based on experience, location, etc.

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  • You will be notified by email when someone views your ad
  • Make contact with those you wish to meet
  • Schedule a working interview and hire great staff!
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