How The Grind Works For Job Seekers

Whether you are searching for a new position as a Dental Assistant, Office Manager, Dental Hygienist or Dentist, we are all familiar with the anxiety associated with looking for a new job in the dental field. Fortunately, there are many offices in your area looking for well-qualified people to complement their current staff. Dental Grind was developed by dental professionals to make the search for a new position as easy as possible.

The service is ALWAYS FREE to use and with our unique searchable database, you can filter out the positions that don't interest you and concentrate on the one's you are most suited for. Once you set up the Preferences on your Dashboard, you will be notified by email if a new job becomes available in your area that matches your criteria allowing you to be one of the first to apply.

This is your opportunity to shine! Sell yourself and emphasize the qualities that make you good at what you do. Once you arrange an interview it an opportunity for you and the employer to determine the proper fit for the position. It is our goal to help you find opportunities to place you in a satisfying dental career.

I never thought finding a new job could be so easy! I had 2 interviews scheduled after only one week
  • Step 1: Register and Complete Your Profile

    This is your opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers who browse through user profiles when looking for a new staff member.

  • Step 2: Search for Jobs or Post Your Resume

    Now that you've registered, you're ready to browse the hundreds of ads placed by dental offices in your area looking for qualified staff. Or, you can just upload your resume and let potential employers find you.

  • Step 3: The Final Stretch

    Before your resume goes out and you search through the job postings you need to choose how you want to communicate with employers. Provide either a telephone number, email address, or create an anonymous "handle" to prevent your current employer from realizing you are looking for a new position. After that, it just comes down to the interview and landing your dream job.

  • Start Today

“Dental Grind is the best job site I've ever used. I found a great job in just a couple of days!”

− Sharon Torzenson

Build Your Profile

  • Fill out a simple questionnaire highlighting your skills
  • You can register anonymously so your employer doesn't know you're searching
  • Your custom Dashboard will manage your activity on DentalGrind

Search Jobs

  • Filter your search of hundreds of offices that are looking for staff in your area
  • Get email notifications when a new job is posted matching your profile
  • Registering for FREE gives you full access to the site. You are in control!

Get Hired

  • Contact as many employers that are looking for someone with your skills
  • Our partners will help you prepare a great resume if necessary
  • Sell yourself during the interview, and ask questions to land the perfect job!
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